Omdömen om Performance Based Reporting – New Management Tools for Unpredictable Times:


Advance commments on Hans V A Johnsson´s and Per Erik Kihlstedt´s book from John Wiley & Sons (Due out in September 2005):
”Performance-Based Reporting - New Management Tools for Unpredictable Times.”
”This is an impressive step in the development of company reporting, opening new horizons.
The proposed reporting system, based on Business Definition, Business Position, Business Reputation and Advanced Cash Flow was actually a revelation. It shows a new way to expand today´s business reporting systems, matching development trends in society. I see it as a welcome and even necessary step to bring company reporting in line with today´s requirements.”
Pierre Berhin, International Fund Manager.
”I just read Chapter Four that you sent me . . . extremely interesting and very much in tune with the needs of companies today. Especially the parts about Baseline Reporting, Business Definition and client relationships. It is amazing how many important international companies that I have done consulting for that have such internal disasters going on and apply very little of the concepts that you speak of. I believe your book will be received very well and hopefully be placed on required reading lists for business students around the world.”
Christian G. Foucher, International Business Consultant, specializing in performance management.
A True Enterprise Risk Management Process.
Not only should this book have an impact on how society and commerce look upon how we create, preserve, lose or destroy value and how we account for our business activities, but also on the way we perceive and react to risks and opportunities.  
Through their teachings and business practices the authors have significantly changed my own perception of the vast variety of factors and circumstances (risks) that may threaten the health and well-being of organizations. Those who want to implement true Enterprise Risk Management should start here.
As the authors correctly state, ERM must be founded on the organisation’s business idea, its culture and values, visions, objectives and strategies, and the governance principles of the board and management team. But beyond that, always much bigger, is the outside world - capable of tearing down corpora­tions as well as nations. This book will help identify the forces that may prevent you and your organization from achieving its goals. It should be part of the essential readings of any CRO or Risk Manager.”

Per E. Aakenes, Chairman of The Swedish Risk Management Association